Lodging is one of the most important components of a visit to Whistler Blackcomb, even when your group’s main concern is the premium skiing and other exciting year-round activities. Luxury resort home rentals gives you a relaxing space to unwind and take a break between vacation adventures. At the same time, choosing the right rental offers top features and amenities that enhance your stay. Follow these tips for booking a Whistler home rental that turns your trip into everything you want it to be.

Whistler – Location, Location, Location

Whistler Condo Rentals

Another popular choice is slopeside lodging at Whistler, which is perfect when skiing is the top priority of your trip!

Location is a main perk that puts one lodging site over another. Yet, no single rental site could be considered the best one at Whistler Blackcomb since visitors have differing preferences. Think about which location would be best for you and your family. Guests can fit their preferences of staying near the village for proximity to shops, restaurants, and the hustle and bustle of people. Others are able to stay farther away with a rental that offers peace and seclusion. Many lodging choices offer a convenient ski-in ski-out feature for instant access to the slopes.

Travel time and expense to areas and activities is important to consider when thinking about location. Some properties might create the need for a rental car or shuttle bus to reach the mountain or village. Nonetheless, many amazing rentals are right on or near the shuttle bus route. Remember that you can get right on the mountain with ski-in ski-out properties, but that you might pay more for the convenience.

Keep in mind how your location and proximity to the mountain affects the price of your rental. Fitting a certain budget might require a compromise on your preferred location. Even if you do compromise, you’ll still be able to find a great rental that you’re satisfied with at Whistler Blackcomb.

Choose the Size of Home You Need

whistler-luxury-kitchenWhen booking, size is another important factor for your lodging choice. Consider how many people will be staying in the home, which will tell you how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Rental homes provide a smart alternative to hotel rooms since many of the Whistler Blackcomb properties feature numerous bedrooms to fit a large party. Depending on the guests in your group, some can share a room while others can take advantage of the relaxation of a private room.

Consider how much time you expect to spend in your lodging. If you and your group would like to spend a lot of time relaxing in your lodging, large homes would benefit you as opposed to a cramped hotel room. In a rental home, your group can spread out and enjoy downtime as much as the skiing, dining and other activities of Whistler Blackcomb. These rental homes offer the privacy that would allow your group to truly relax and enjoy each other’s company.

High Quality Resort Stays

Look into the level of quality your group can get for the budget you have set aside. When you have the budget for a luxury stay within one of Whistler Blackcomb Resort’s rental homes, you gain the benefits of top quality and features that come with these amazing properties. Large groups fit into many of these extensive properties, so the cost might help a group save money instead of paying for numerous hotel rooms or individual homes to fit everyone.

Superior Features and Amenities

Whistler Blackcomb rental properties include high-end features and amenities that could improve your everyday life during your stay. Many of these bonuses can be hard to come by in a hotel room, yet they come standard in these quality rentals. A washer and dryer inside your rental makes it much easier to clean and dry your ski gear so your group is ready for each day on the slopes. This benefit also allows your family to pack less and rewear items throughout the vacation.

A stay in a rental home offers a kitchen for the flexibility of crafting home-cooked meals whenever you choose. On top of a break from restaurant food day after day, a kitchen gives you a way to save money over the costs of continuously dining out. Go to the next level with a resort service that fully stocks your fridge in advance, preventing your family from scrambling for food when you arrive.

The extra space for storage in a vacation home boosts this lodging choice over a hotel stay. Between all the people in your group, you’ll have a lot of ski gear and equipment that’s added to your regular luggage. A home or chalet allows you to put all of this gear away, creating an uncluttered, open space for your enjoyment.

When booking your group’s lodging for a Whistler Blackcomb vacation, consider every feature and preference your group wants during the stay, from lots of space to a fully stocked kitchen, and how they can fit into your budget. The wide range of available rental listings are sure to satisfy an array of needs and desires, as well as budgets. Search the resort offerings for the one that best fits the needs of your party.