Whistler has long been considered a premier vacation destination in Canada, and travelers from across the globe find that it has some of the best skiing opportunities in the world. If you are hoping to soak up the incredible views of the Coast Mountains while also enjoying the charm of this ski community, then now is the best time to book your trip. Now that you have decided to visit Whistler, you need to choose where to stay. There are lots of options, so we’re breaking it down for you.

Option 1: Condos at Whistler Resort

Whistler Condo Rentals

Condos at Whistler Blackcomb Resort.

Condos are the space solution for those who are traveling with young children, teenagers, or even extended family members and friends. With several bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room, condos are perfect for ski vacations in Whistler.

  • Benefits: Condos are basically larger hotel rooms, with more space and offer you a home away from home while travelling. You have access to a variety of amenities when booking so pay close attention to the amenities listed with that specific condo, such as pools and spas, workout rooms. You will also have more space to relax after skiing with less foot traffic (hotels can get quite busy), which is also beneficial when it comes to storing your ski equipment after a long day and when it’s not in use. Condos also can be a more cost effective option as well, especially if several families are traveling together. In many cases, you can all rent one condo, but split the cost among the visitors creating a group.
  • Disadvantage: Condos may not have the same on-site amenities as hotels, such as restaurants, on site gyms and spas. You might find yourself trekking into town more than you expected after you warm up from skiing in order to enjoy a hot, fresh meal, a spa treatment, or even an après ski workout.

Option 2: Chalets & Homes at Whistler Blackcomb Resort

whistler vacation homes

Vacation Homes at Whistler Blackcomb Resort.

Chalets at Whistler are a great way to enjoy an authentic mountain experience at Whistler Blackcomb. These cozy chalets and luxury homes are perfect for couples and families looking for romance or large groups who need extra space and quiet environment.

  • Benefits: Chalets are cozy, and they allow you to enjoy a home away from home against the backdrop of the Coast Mountains. Expect a fireplace in the living area of your chalet, which is likely going to be right off your kitchen. Many chalets feature incredible views of the slopes and the mountain range, allowing you to always enjoy the breathtaking views of British Columbia. With several bedrooms, chalets have enough room for everyone, and with a full kitchen, you can easily make your own meals. Chalets are a cost-effective way to enjoy a genuine mountain vacation.
  • Disadvantage: Not everyone wants to clean up after him or herself and cook their own meals on vacation – this may be your time to relax and get away from it all. If you’re looking for a little more pampering while you travel, a chalet may not be the right choice for your trip.

Option 3: Whistler Rental Townhomes

whistler townhome rentals luxury kitchen

Luxury Kitchen in the Whistler Townhome Rentals

Townhomes are similar to condos, in the sense that they offer you more room than a traditional hotel room. They are a popular option in Whistler for many reasons.

  • Benefits: There are many townhomes located throughout the entire Whistler valley, making it easy to find and reserve one of these quaint and luxurious accommodations. Townhomes are fully furnished and also include a kitchen and a laundry room. With a private entrance, these townhomes feel like your own little home. Additional amenities will vary based on the unit that you book. Some townhome units offer access to recreational facilities, pools and spas, while others provide more basic accommodations for travelers in the Whistler area.
  • Disadvantage: Townhomes may not offer the same amenities that many hotels and condos offer, and the location of your townhome can greatly impact your ability to enjoy the best ski slopes in the region. If you book a townhome without doing your research, you may not realize that you are located far away from the place that you want to spend your days skiing.

Option 4: Whistler Resort Hotels

Hotels are the go-to accommodation for many travelers when visiting Whistler, and it’s easy to figure out why. Hotels are convenient and affordable, and they often include luxury amenities that can’t be found at smaller, more intimate accommodations.

  • Benefits: Hotels have it all. When you book a room at a Whistler hotel, you don’t have to worry about anything else. There’s room service if you need a beverage, snack, or meal. There’s a comfortable bed that will be made for you each day by housekeeping. You might even score a free continental breakfast depending on the hotel that you choose, and there’s often restaurants right on location which makes it easy to enjoy a meal after a long day on the slopes. If you want to enjoy a vacation in Whistler where all you have to worry about is having fun, then a hotel might be the best choice for you.
  • Disadvantage: Hotel rooms are not always known for their ample space. If you are traveling with a larger party or even just with your children, you may feel a little claustrophobic in a hotel room. Dining can be an issue depending on the hotel and room type you choose. Eating our may be expensive depending on how many family members are travelling together, so it’s important to consider this when booking hotel rooms at Whistler.

Ultimately, you need to consider the size of your traveling party and the goals for your trip in order to choose the right accommodation. Luckily, Whistler is home to some of the most incredible vacation rentals and hotels, so regardless of what you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience on your vacation!

Either way, you can be sure that by paying special attention to our  pro’s and con’s, you will reserve and book the vacation rental that’s right for your summer or winter vacation trip! Please let us know if you have any comments or recommendations for properties or rentals you would like to see available in following pieces.