Finding the Vacation Package Best Suited to You in Whistler

Most travelers hope to find a great and budget friendly vacation package when they plan a trip. Saving money on travel and lodging opens up a little extra cash flow for the fun stuff like lift tickets, dining out, and exploring your destination without worrying about penny pinching. Searching through the array of Whistler vacation packages that are available can be a daunting task to say the least, as some appear to be great deals on the outset but truly don’t save you much when you drill down to the details.

Whistler Vacation Packages the Offer Graduated Discounts Can be the Best

One of the best ways to save is by searching out packages that offer a graduated discount for the number of nights you stay. This means you are rewarded for longer stays – not a bad deal when you’re headed out for a family or group ski holiday and planning on staying a week or more. It’s great to find Whistler vacation packages that reward you for staying longer! Whistler Premier offers such a plan so not only can you enjoy a graduated savings for your lodging; you have access to literally hundreds of Whistler vacation rental properties available to you for booking. Whether it be a small cozy condominium or a grand ski-in / ski-out chalet, Whistler Premier surely has the perfect fit for your holiday.

As noted, a graduated plan can be a serious money saver for you, especially when planning a longer stay in Whistler. Here is how you can save money;

• Save 35% on your winter lodging right off the bat! No blackout dates, no restrictions. You’re already starting off on the right foot!
• If you are staying 5 nights, you’ll save 40% off your lodging
• Stay 8 nights or more and receive 45% off your lodging. This sure gives you a great reason to enjoy your ski holiday for just a little longer with savings this substantial.

Not many Whistler vacation packages are this aggressive. With the amount of inventory offered by Whistler Premier, and the graduated savings for lodging, you really have no reason to not plan your Whistler getaway while these deals are available. You’ll need to book your Whistler Vacation Packages no later than April 30th and no sooner than November 27th to be sure to have access to the savings.

How many nights do you usually purchase when you book your Whistler vacation packages?