Winter is breathing down your back. Most of the country has had at least a brief taste of the invigorating, exciting weather that ushers in this welcome season. This time of the year also means that holiday preparations are upon you — and often underway for many others, as well.

While it can be easy to put things off like booking your ski vacation when you are so busy prepping for the holidays, there are a number of different reasons why it makes sense to take a few minutes out of your busy day to book your stay now, before the crowds hit!

Beat the Rush!

Just because everyone else is focused on other priorities does not mean that you can’t squeeze in a little vacation planning. In fact, if you take the time to plan now, you can enjoy lots of advantages that will have you sitting back and relaxing while everyone else waits until after the holidays to think about their ski vacation. Whether you are thinking of booking a winter vacation — between November 26 and April 30 — or a summer mountain trip, you can enjoy many advantages of booking early, such as the following:

  • First Choice on Available Accommodations
Whistler Blackcomb ski vacation deals

Whistler Village has great deals waiting for you! Call us to get the best vacation rentals or accommodations locked in!

While you can find a variety of condoshotels and vacation homes to suit your needs and budget, the longer you wait to book your ski vacation, the less likely it becomes that you will be able to secure your first choice in accommodations. If you wait too long, you might not be able to book a vacation home that provides you with enough room for your entire family, or that you’ll end up having to pay for a hotel room when a condo would have better suited your needs.



  • Take Advantage of Deals

The earlier you book your ski vacation to Whistler Blackcomb, the better deals you’ll be able to take advantage of. Think of these generous vacation deals as your reward for being proactive and booking your vacation early. While you can enjoy a certain percentage off your entire vacation stay in Whistler Blackcomb the longer your vacation lasts, snapping up these additional deals can increase your savings — and there is no guarantee that these deals will continue indefinitely. This is why it is so important to act quickly.

  • Grab Up Choice Packages – Your Ski Vacation to Whistler Blackcomb
family ski vacation holiday to Whistler Blackcomb Resort

Family enjoying a ski vacation holiday at Whistler Blackcomb Resort.

Packages are designed to both save you money and offer you access to those amenities that you most want to experience. Early season packages, for example, allow you to plan your ski vacation around the holidays — or plan your holiday at Whistler Blackcomb for the experience of a lifetime. Choose from early season packages that combine accommodations at Blackcomb Lodge or Horstman House with lift tickets for your entire party. You can even enjoy package discounts on both short and longer stay ski vacations.

Not ready or able to take advantage of the excitement and beauty of ski vacation at Whistler Blackcomb during the early season? No problem! You can still find package deals for both Horstman House and Blackcomb Lodge for both your accommodations and lift tickets that offer you exciting savings during the regular vacation season as well.

  • Save on Transportation

Whistler Blackcomb is best reached via the Vancouver International Airport if you are arriving from far-flung areas such as the northwestern portions of the country, as well as the prairie and eastern provinces. For those people who are arriving from the U.S. other countries, the Vancouver Airport handles international flights as well. About 40 airlines are served by this airport, including Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines and United Airlines. Book your flight early to take advantage of lower ticket prices.

Once you book your flight to Vancouver, you will want to make arrangement to drive to Whistler Blackcomb, about two scenic hours away. While your first thought might be to rent a car and do the driving yourself, there are other options to choose from. You can also book a rideshare if you are looking for a creative way to both save money and get to know new people. A shuttle or bus are also valid options that promise to get you to your accommodations at Whistler Blackcomb while allowing you to relax while someone else does the driving, and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains along the journey.

For an exciting change of pace, consider booking your transportation via train as it makes its way along the Whistler Sea to Sky Climb. With stunning views of Cheakamus Canyon, Brandywine Falls, Howe Sound, Coast Mountains and Mount Garibaldi, you will be both astonished and relaxed as you gear up for your ski vacation in Whistler Blackcomb. Book your transportation options early for first choice in dates and modes and to avoid disappointment.