Assisting guests from all across the world by providing a wide range of ski town lodging choices.


Whistler Premier is a professional services firm offering property management to owners of vacation homes and has been assisting guests from all across the world by providing a wide range of ski town lodging choices. With the best accommodations in Whistler to choose from including condominiums, townhomes, and private homes, and with locations spanning the entire Whistler area including the village, slope side and beyond, you can rest assured we have the experience in all areas of the vacation rental business in Whistler to assure the success of your rental business. Our guests tend to return year after year because of our guest-centric service, which translates in to a consistent revenue stream for you. Our reputation is paramount, so we work tenaciously to serve our owners and our lodging guests with the same detail and attention you pay to your rental home. We believe we have earned the trust of our owners and guests, and would like the opportunity to earn yours as well.

We put you in control of your property needs. The variety of management agreements offered is fully aligned to suit your financial goals and to maximize rental revenue. Unlike most home service and property management companies, you have the freedom to choose which option is best suited for your vacation rental property.


Whistler Premier offers a flexible management agreement. We are not a one-size-fits all management company. Owners are offered a choice between a fixed annual fee and a revenue split. We manage properties in approximately twenty different complexes within the village proper and the surrounding areas which has given us a depth of market and management expertise unparalled in the Whistler market. Our contract features one low annual flat fee or traditional revenue split.

Our fixed fee can be paid monthly or in advance. 100% of revenue distribution goes to the owner. Our owners then have a greater control of management costs and enjoy a higher percentage of profit and upside from their investment decision. Owners are responsible for departure cleans and property maintenance.
Our revenue split program allows a 25/75 division with 25% paid as a management fee and 75% revenue distributed to the owner. The owner is responsible for departure cleans.

Whistler Premier, offers an all-inclusive approach to property management services. Our focus is to maximize your rental revenue to you, and to support the sales and marketing of your property as if you had your very own marketing firm at your beck and call. We offer the following unique services to our property owners:

We are not solely focused on revenue and cost. We are driven to exceed your profitability expectations, regardless of which contract you choose.

A 24/7 Personal House Manager who oversees the maintenance of your property, and performs regular security checks.

Round-the-Clock Front Desk assistance and Check-in for Guests.

A fully integrated marketing and public relations team with the sole purpose of driving revenue to your unit

We offer the most aggressive marketing and Public Relations program in Whistler. Whistler Premier has a dedicated team constantly working on our online presence, SEO, along with traditional marketing on a local, national and even international level. We also travel to meet with travel wholesale companies both domestically and internationally to promote our rental properties. We pay co-op marketing fees to obtain premium placement of our properties on the wholesalers’ powerful internet sites.

We work tirelessly to drive qualified vacation seekers to our booking websites. Frequently, our Public Relations department hosts relevant journalists and is constantly looking for media opportunities to highlight our rental offerings.

We market our properties via online travel agent sites as well including Expedia.com, Booking.com and VRBO. Whistler Premier will even create and manage a “By Owner” page for you in order to maximize your exposure. We believe in pursuing every avenue to maximize their property bookings and meet their overall financial goals, so we develop a strategic and comprehensive marketing plan that includes a mix of the elements noted above. .
Whistler Premier is not only the local expert in single unit property management, we also specialize in whole-building management and bring to the table a unique set of management skills that allow us to generate revenue for entire lodging developments.

We understand the challenges of property ownership in Whistler and we work diligently to maximize your investment. We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy your vacation home in Whistler as much as possible. When you are away, you can feel confident that Whistler Premier will provide exceptional property maintenance, housekeeping and guest services with the goal of taking outstanding care of your investment and providing a relaxing vacation for your guests.

You will have a licensed and bonded dedicated house manager assigned to your property. This enables you, the owner, to individualize your service levels and direct the necessary maintenance, repairs and, most importantly, year-round security of your vacation home.

Your House manager will carefully inspect your property prior to each lodging reservation and will ensure your property is guest ready.

Our house managers utilize our proprietary house manager tablet software to streamline billing, maintenance and communication with you.

We send out requests for cleaning and labor costs to each housekeeping company to guarantee that your housekeeping costs are kept to a minimum.

Whistler Premier is happy to look after your housekeeping for both you and your renters. Our housekeeping includes labor and hotel supplies / toiletries. Utilizing our housekeeping services eliminates the need for you to manage your own housekeeping and allows us to provide seamless guest service to your renters.

Recognizing the importance of access to real time information and consistent communication, our owners have access to our online accounting and reservations system. This system allows easy access to make owner reservations, view all past and future reservations, and view your property’s projected revenue.

This online tool enables owners to plan their own vacations and make “by owner” style bookings around the vacation stays already generated by our travel partners. A reporting tool is also available to check on upcoming revenue forecasts and research historical information.


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We strive to make our partnership, the way we distribute information, and your overall experience as seamless as possible. To this end, we have developed proprietary owners-only software that allows you to view your bookings at your leisure, allows you instant access to your availability calendar, and also gives you access to revenue projections specific to your property.
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