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Lost Lake Lodge, Whistler, is just about the perfect place for visitors to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives and find themselves again. With so many demands pulling us in different directions all the time, taking time out for ourselves to slow down is not a luxury; it is a necessity. Our physical and mental health depends on it.

Weekends are simply do not provide enough of a break for us to get the rest we need to recharge our batteries. For many of us, the couple of days off from work are also filled with chores and activities. There is no longer a common day of rest in the weekend. If we are constantly on the "Go," when do we ever get the chance to slow down and take it easy?

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Lost Lake Lodge #211

Diane - 12/18/2018

Fantastic place, very well appointed and peaceful. The free shuttle at the end of the driveway was excellent, and we'll be back next year for sure!

Lost Lake Lodge - 2 Bedroom

Jason - 12/09/2018

The Lost Lake Lodge manager (Aaron) was extremely helpful. After the first night I realized our family needed more space and I wanted a more comfortable bed for myself. The pull out was like sleeping on rocks (no dig on the unit but I should have looked into a 2 bedroom unit from the start). The next morning Aaron got us up and running with a new room and it was fantastic. I could tell Aaron just wanted to ensure everyone in the Lodge was satisfied and comfortable and he goes above and beyond to ensure customers receive a good experience. Great service! Thanks, we’ll be back.

Lost Lake Lodge - 1 Bedroom

Svein Gunnar - 09/19/2016

We love it. Good value for money.

Lost Lake Lodge #201

Maueen - 08/30/2016

I thoroughly enjoyed my 3 night stay at the lovely Lost Lake Lodge last week. My son had asked me to join them & my 2 young grandchildren for a spur-of-the moment get-away from our homes in the Fraser valley. Our suites were lovely, the staff friendly & helpful and a short walk from the lodge to the walkway to the lake, beach & surrounding lake pathway. The pool area also very nice, including the weight room & games room, where I even played pool with my 6-yr. old grandson, who of course WON! We're already talking about the next time we head up there! Maureen Maple Ridge, B.C.

Lost Lake Lodge #412

Colleen - 08/04/2016

Second time we stayed at the Lost Lake Lodge and enjoyed it just as much this time. Far enough away from the village that it's quiet but close enough that you can walk for dinner.


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